Toss Across, Deputy Chad Floyd, COPS TV SHOW

Deputy Chad Floyd of Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office pursues a car with a male driver and female passenger after failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Deputy Floyd tries to catch up to them and the car pulls off into a random driveway seemingly to try and avoid Deputy Floyd from initiating the traffic stop. Deputy Floyd makes contact with the driver and finds out his license is suspended. The female passenger is a little agitated about the stop. Deputy Floyd detains the male and then approaches the female passenger when he discovers a cigarette box on the floor and a bag that looks to have been thrown out of the car. Deputy Floyd looks inside the cigarette box and finds what appears to be meth and heroin. He then finds drug paraphernalia inside a small bag. Deputy Floyd talks to both parties involved to try and identify the owner but they both deny throwing the bag or the cigarette box. After a couple more conversations the male driver finally admits that the female threw the bag out of the car. The female passenger has had continuous run-ins with Deputy Floyd for the same issues. The female is visibly upset after finding out she will be taken in for the possession of narcotics.

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