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🅾️C Might delete this depending on how it does. . . . Ok, so yesterday I was in school. I felt a violent diarrhoea trying to come out of my butthole. So I rushed to a bathroom next to me and took a poopoo. And that's when it happened. The toilet water RAPED ME!!! OUT OF NOWHERE, IT STARTED TO RAPE ME! Btw I'm only 11 so this makes it even worse! I started to cry because this has never happened to me! My friend asked: "What's going on?" So I answered while sobbing: "THE TOILET WATER RAPED ME!" My friend started laughing like it was a joke and responded with "Pffft! Nice joke, Jacob" and walked away. I was absolutely shocked. Luckily I had my phone with me because I was watching My Little Pony, so I called 911. The Operator asked: "Hello, what is your emergency?" I responded with: "THE TOILET WATER RAPED ME, PLEASE HELP!" And they just HUNG UP, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! EVEN THEY THINK IT WAS A JOKE! So I was sitting there, defeated, while the toilet water continued to rape me when I was making a poopie. When it finally ended, I wiped my poopie butt, flushed the nasty toilet water away and walked to class. It was my most shocking day ever . . . #edgymemesforedgyteens #edgymemes #spicymemes #lampmemes #mothmemes #dankestmemes #dankmemes #lmao #comedy #succulentmemes

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Ill vine yoiu

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🅾️C Okay this was HEAVILY inspired by @juhmall.veg so go check him out please. . . . . I just think🤔 it's hilarious🤣 how women💃 automatically think💡 someone is flirting💋 when trying to make🔧 a conversation🤷‍♂️, they're used🚗 to all these musculine 💪chads🏄‍♂️ who don't know how to treat🍡 a women🏃‍♀️ properly🏅 They aren't🔇 used to me😎, a REAL gentleman 🕺who would never💥 use woman like that. Yes💣. I am a proud virgin💯💯, because guess what❓ its not always about sex 🆒️ it's about treating woman🦂 right with the respect 👔she deserves🥋 The fact 💲most women 🔬would rather date📈 a Chad🐃 and not a nice guy💦 like me is revolting👎 in my opinion👬 . . . #edgymemesforedgyteens #anime #animememes #cringe #tiktok #vine #edgymemes #edgy #spicymemes #moistmemes #succulentmemes #dankmemes #dankmemesdaily

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Everyone we have an announcement

Pizza time

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okay so basically you know what time it is

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Ben playing fortnite

Halloween scary

False google


Mathew Santoro o

Gorilla pumpkin

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That sounds epic

Ben shapiro


Carla Shaw

Do not approach the dog

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Real wholesome hours

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Everyone we have an

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Point of being alive animation

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